About Us

Who are we?

We know how important it is to provide your customers an exceptional service to keep them coming back. We also know how difficult it may be to do this day-in-day-out whilst trying to concentrate on growing your business.

Here at Boxed in, we pride ourselves in our micro-managed pick and pack service. It has been designed from ground up to provide impeccable quality, accuracy and reliability every time.
We help busy business owners to free up their time by running and managing the whole ecommerce pick and pack operation; from start to finish, so you don’t have to. With our years of experience, we can also increase your logistical efficiency, reduce your postal costs and automate the whole process as if your business is running itself.
If you are interested in putting your business into autopilot or simply want more information on how we can benefit you, please feel free to contact us via email info@boxedin.co.uk or call us on 0203 8659 707. Big or small, we are here to help.

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The only reason some of our expertise aren’t 100% is our belief in constant improvement.

The Reason Behind Boxed In

In our own business we became acutely aware of the need for a more pro-active, micro-managed response to our storage, fulfilment and distribution requirements. We were convinced that if we got this right it would save us money, keep our customers happy and, with the resultant positive reputation, help grow our business.

It was clear from our conversations with similar businesses that we were not alone.  The traditional warehousing and logistics offer was usually mismatched against our need to distribute often delicate, small and high value products accurately and on time.  In fact, it became obvious that some companies were spending way too much time and effort on checking orders and chasing deliveries, time that they otherwise could have been using to expand their business.

We knew we could do it better, and in 2013 we established “Boxed In”, a company dedicated to provide a professional, micro-fulfilment service tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

We are passionate about “getting it right” – the right quality of live audited stock control, the most secure and accurate picking and packing and the most reliable and speedy delivery service.  After all, no company should have to endure a “one size fits all” approach.



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